From Humble Beginnings…

The Abundant Life Worship Center Church was originally established as the True Cornerstone Church of Christ, under the leadership of Bishop James E. Gandy Sr., with a membership consisting of 5 adults, Bishop Gandy’s wife and ten children. Services were held in a small store front church building on the corners of Delaware and Arctic Avenues in Atlantic City, NJ.  One year later they purchased a church building on 326 W. Wright Street in Pleasantville, NJ, affectionately known as “The Rock”.
Bishop James E. Gandy Sr.
and Mother Callie Gandy, Founders

The Legacy Began…

True Cornerstone Church quickly became well known for its powerful deliverance ministry, awesome worship and its high standard of holy living and integrity.  The church continued to grow, attracting many young families to the teaching of Bishop J.E. Gandy Sr., on holiness, the family and prosperity.  Under his leadership, the church established programs to minister to young and old, those in poverty, and those who simply needed a helping hand.  In 1991, the church relocated to its present site in Egg Harbor City, NJ.  From these humble beginnings, Bishop James E. Gandy, Sr., started a ministry that would reach thousands through its weekly radio broadcast and outreach ministries. 

The Legacy Continues…

Bishop John R. Gandy served as assistant-pastor to Bishop Gandy for seven years and upon his retirement in 1998 assumed the role as Senior Pastor of the True Cornerstone Church (now Abundant Life Worship Center Church).  Since that time, God continues to manifest Himself in a most miraculous way, touching the lives of many through the teaching ministry of Bishop John Gandy.

Today, Abundant Life Worship Center Church is one of the most influential churches in South Jersey, serving its community through its outreach ministries as well as through the Egg Harbor City Community Outreach Development Corp.  In 2005, a prominent property was purchased in downtown Egg Harbor City and named the “James E. Gandy Sr. Building”.  This facility houses the church business office, Family Life Center and the following outreach ministries: First Class Secondhand Thrift Shop, Food Bank, County Referral Services, and the Women’s Infant and Children (WIC) nutritional feeding program. 
Bishop John R. Gandy
and Mrs. Patricia Gandy 

The Vision Grows…

Abundant Life Church looks to the future with its new church expansion project. The

“Nehemiah Project Capital Campaign”,

initiated on Sunday, October 28, 2006, with a special morning celebration service.  During this time, the members collectively made their two-year financial commitments to the Capital Campaign, and sowed their First Fruits toward that effort.  It was a day to remember when the people dared to believe God and the first installment toward the capital campaign was accomplished.  In 2006, Abundant Life purchased 4 acres of adjacent land with plans to build a new church edifice.  The church is currently contracted to purchase an additional 4 acres of land to construct a mixed use development project.  The new development project will include; townhomes plus retail and commercial office space.  This project will be one of the few and most comprehensive projects of its kind in Southern New Jersey.  Abundant Life Worship Center Church is thankful to God for the tremendous spiritual and economic impact it has upon its membership, communities throughout Southern New Jersey and individual lives around the world.
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